Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas with the Fam!

I had an awesome day hanging out with all of my nephews on Dec. 26th. We had a great time opening and giving gifts and playing with those gifts. At one point they all just spontaneously burst into Deck The Halls:

The little boys still love watching the train go around under the tree.

And a favorite family pasttime is still playing the Wii. The little guys really get a kick out of MarioKart. Here's Liam (a seasoned pro) and Emerson doing his best:

And here I am with all 5 boys. Sebastian, Nathaniel, John, Liam and Emerson. It really is never a dull moment when all of these guys are around.

The adults also had fun playing board games, enjoying a wonderful Christmas dinner and enjoying each other's company and conversation. It's always great to have everyone all in one place. It was truly a Merry Christmas!