Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tiger Trot 2011

This year I convinced my co-workers to join Mac and I for a 5K being held on campus. It was a pretty easy sell: the "entry fee" was a canned good, it was on a Friday afternoon and the starting line was about 100 yards from the front door of the library. We all did well, even though it was a bit of a chilly day and the route definitely had some hills on it. I ran my best 5K time yet, and all of us finished without heaving too hard. It was great to get everyone out of the building and doing something fun together.

And because we had 6 people on our team, we were awarded "Intramural Champion" t-shirts because we had the biggest departmental team at the race. So for one canned good we got two t-shirts and an afternoon to remember.

Mac ran this race as well, but he was running for Wilson College where he's a Residential Graduate Student, so he didn't count as part of our team. He finished faster than me and actually ran back to meet me for the end of the race and cheered me on to the finish line. It was fun to cross together even though he had already finished.

It was a great day and for a good cause. All of the food went to support a local food bank in time for Thanksgiving.