Saturday, April 11, 2009

Neko at the Keswick

Last night I drove out to the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, PA to meet up with Kim and Mike at the Neko Case concert! I got there early and was happy that the box office gave me one of our reserved tickets even though they were under Mike's name. I was thrilled when I realized that we had tickets in the 5th row, smack in the middle. I got to see the opening band, Crooked Fingers who were pretty good, and Kim and Mike showed up in time to see their last few songs and enjoy a short intermission and then Neko took the stage!

She was great! She sang lots of songs from her new album, Middle Cyclone and a good mix of older songs, too. She played a great set and then came back for an almost equally long encore. The only slight downside was that her back-up singer, Kelly Hogan, was a little too chatty for our tastes, but it was an enjoyable evening overall. I especially enjoyed the little videos that played on a projection screen at the back of the stage during the songs. There were some with simple cut-paper silhouettes used to tell a story or some more fleshed-out, cohesive videos. I enjoyed both, but the cut-paper ones were my favorite.

The evening ended with a quick slice of pizza across the street and then Kim and Mike and I parted ways and headed home.

Here's a great video that talks about the making of the record and shows some concert footage as well as some of the cut-paper imagery I enjoyed so much:


Anonymous said...
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Jerri said...

woah! that was a crazy comment before me. that's awesome that you got to see neko! i've always loved the times i've seen her live, but i haven't seen her live in a few years now. love that you got to go with kim and mike, too!